Popular Furniture Brands

From contemporary designs to traditional antiques, from wood to high-quality leather models, the exclusive and pricey furniture has attracted many lovers and customers across five continents over the years. Take a look at our selection of the Most Affordable Furniture Brands.

Essential Home

The purpose of Essential Home is to deliver the ideal time-traveling experience all in one place. By designing mid-century modern furniture with a contemporary twist, we hope to achieve the ideal balance of the past and present. Our handcrafted parts give you an infinite number of ways to adapt and modify all of the patterns, allowing you to let your imagination run wild and be creative with your projects.

Essential Home’s items are available in a variety of striking hues, allowing you to bring your favorite design to life! You can choose the color of every detail of each piece from over 1000 textiles and excellent materials for lifelong pieces.

Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo was chosen by Home Decor Ideas not only because of its high-end and luxurious reputation but also because their furniture is a truly unique and emotive experience. Boca do Lobo strives to foster exceptional experiences by making beautiful objects that are passionately inspired and created in Portugal by a team that genuinely enjoys what they do; experiences that convey a sense of exclusivity.


Koket’s know-how is irresistible! The range is created by expert jewelers and artisans who pay close attention to every detail. The principal designers at Koket are a collection of highly creative and well-rounded product designers. The firm sells its products through an exclusive network of interior designers and high-end retail outlets across the world.

Thomas Blakemore

Marble lamps, lapis lights, malachite lamps, 24-carat gold plated bronze lamps with hand-stitched silk lampshades are all examples of typical French Ormolu table lamps. These stunning lamps belong in 5-star hotels, and every million-dollar mansion should have them.

Bentley Home

Since 2013, the Bentley Home line has been expressing the automobile brand’s luxury flair. The shapes, luxurious materials, and distinctive designs of Bentley Motors have been transformed into a new language for the company. From the most valuable leathers to Calacatta and Valentine Grey marbles, to woods that mimic vehicle codes, goods can be tailored in the finishes that have made the British brand unique.

Bentley furniture and home accessories are part of a one-of-a-kind collection that unites Bentley artistry and selection of materials with the challenging design of one of Europe’s leading luxury manufacturers.

Anna Casa Interiors

Designed specifically for new construction properties, whether projects vary from changing a single room to completely transforming a living area. Each desired bespoke style can be achieved in as short as 3 to 6 months, making the style simpler, lighter, and more adaptable. No matter the size of the project, our multilingual and devoted design team oversees it from start to finish. Anna Casa collaborates with a team of highly talented craftsmen and our significant skills and experience in everything from lighting and bathroom design to artwork and decor.

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