The top Hollywood celebrity homes with the best interiors

We have all been at this position at least once in our lives – choosing the interiors. It is a tough job indeed. This is the reason why people turn to celebrity mansions for inspiration. Money buys you a lot of things, including luxury. The first thing people choose to invest is in privacy but then comes comfort & luxury.

So let us also look for some celebrity homes for some inspiration.

Four Celebrity Houses with the best interiors

1.    Kylie Jenner

People her age either live with parents or in the dorm rooms of hostels. But she is enjoying her $16 million home, did someone say expensive? Her net worth goes in billions, so this is barely a dent in the ocean. Her lip kits have made her stinking rich and given her a position in the Forbes list of the richest people under 30.

Her home has a spa, swimming pool,  gourmet kitchen, theatre room, 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Her home is stylish yet comfy, the cushions and soft inviting sofa makes her living room a place to be. Her villa has a patio to spend comfortable days in California sun while the swimming pool helps to cool down.

2.    Felicity Huffman

This housewife doesn’t look desperate at all, what’s with the looks of her villa. She has just replicated but increased the size of her old family home. Her home is literally a dream home with her husband, horses, karts and anything that you can come up with. Their house is an ultimate playhouse. With wooden surfaces, fireplace, lots of light, cosy living room Huffman family enjoys all the riches.

3.    Anne Hathaway

Hathaway villa looks more like a castle brought straight out of a fairy tale. The woodsy architecture gives a very vintage vibe to the place. The patio is colourful with discreet colours. It looks like a creative, fun, and a very comfy house. Their bedrooms are more modern than the rest of their house, yet it still retains its elegance and historic vibe which is prevalent in the rest of the house.

4.    Liv Tyler

Just like her, her home is also beautiful ad absolutely dreamy. White dominates every other colour, her home is full of some specific cosy corner that she likes a lot. When she was getting her home designed, she poured her soul and heart. From doors to chandeliers, everything in her house is picked by her. The house itself shows just how perfect her taste is.

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